About us

We are a Polish language school for foreigners located in Warsaw.Our school was established in 2007 and it instantly became successful on the Warsaw language school market. British and French Embassies became our first customers.For the following years, the group of our respectable customers has grown to include other diplomatic missions that readily use our services.The Embassies of Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Angola also trusted us.We have our own, proprietary materials prepared solely for diplomats. This is the reason why we have been running language immersion for diplomatic missions throughout Warsaw for many years.We have a successful cooperation not only with embassies, but also with large companies such as Santander, Compensa, Nike, Air France, Bricoman, Orange, Merck, Carrefour, CaixaBank, international associations and many chambers of commerce e.g. German, Spanish, French and Dutch.Being a member of International Women’s Group of Warsaw (IWG), we also organize courses for it.Syrena Association, an organization that is composed of diplomats’ wives, has been using our services for many years too.A lot of individual customers that completed their courses at our school have also expressed their satisfaction.There are many positive opinions about our Polish language school – Lingua Polonica. They are confirmed by recommendations that can be found on our website or in Google service.Our original method of teaching, highly qualified staff and properly selected materials enable us to teach Polish language effectively.The lessons are in Polish, and this is why our customers start communicating in our language fast. The knowledge they gain allows them to perform their work tasks and successfully cope with everyday situations.Our main feature is our flexible attitude to the organization of classes. We can adjust to our customers’ needs, abilities and expectations.All our teachers have university education. They are qualified in teaching foreigners and are also experienced teachers of Polish language to foreigners.Our teachers do their best to meet constantly rising needs of our customers. They adjust to their requirements and expectations.Our working methods can be checked and evaluated during a free-of-charge trial lesson.We help our students in every situation and we are proud of their accomplishments.We are very pleased with the fact that they start communicating in Polish fast.We have worked with the largest foreign banks e.g. Bancaja, Banco Popular, CaixaBank, Intesa Sanpaolo and many others. There have been renowned law firms among our customers too.Our services were appreciated by many well-known companies such as Nike, Play, France Telecom, Air France, Business France, Bricoman.For a number of years, we have been preparing and running our own profile courses for renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Merck.We participate in national celebrations and meetings of chambers of commerce. We help ambassadors in presenting letters of credence, getting ready for meetings with Polish authorities and public appearances. We also help chairmen in preparing for speeches and meetings with employees.

Do you have problems with understanding what people say to you?

Would you like to communicate well with your employees and customers?

Do you want to know how to handle yourself in everyday situations?

Do you want to not feel lonely in our country?

Do you want to know what beautiful Polish women think about?

Do you want to know what Poles laugh at?

Do you need to do the shopping, go to a hairdresser or a beautician?

Do you want to meet new people in Poland?

Would you like to get new friends?

Do you want to know how to start a conversation, order dinner, ask directions or ask a girl out to a cinema?