Szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców w Warszawie

General Manager Air France KLM Delta Airlines for Poland

Monika was recommended to me by the French Embassy as a professional and efficient teacher of the Polish language, flexible with timing and location of the classes, 2 important criteria for me.
My goals were to acquire a way to be polite and friendly in my first approach to customers and people in general and to understand Poland – the Polish culture a bit more through its language.
From the first contact (which turned out into a free short lesson too!) we had in my office to check if we would fit being teacher-pupil, I knew the first description of Monika by my French Embassy contact was a polite understatement of her capabilities/attitude, probably to manage my expectations.
Anyway, it turned out that learning those basics of the Polish language – a complex language on top of it – with Monika was a hands-on, professional, efficient, and fun (particularly important looking at this language where you can go nuts) experience.
Two reasons for this great experience:

  • Monika has built her own method – based on long-time class history/experience -, adapted and flexible according to topics of interest of her pupils, and all you hear is Polish for the whole duration of the class, which enables full immersion even if not easy at first.
  • Monika is a vibrant, attentive, passionate, and patient teacher that adapts constantly her teaching to the situation, freeing her pupils from the (self) pressure of learning a new language.
    All in all, I would definitely recommend Monika as a teacher and that is actually what I am already doing with people I meet that are in need.

Chloe Marchand
General Manager Air France KLM Delta Airlines for Poland