Courses for diplomats

It covers not only basic, useful information, but also knowledge of diplomacy, visa regulations, politics, state and local administration, history, Poland’s foreign relations, the functioning within the structures of European and world organizations. We also discuss topics connected with the geography of our country, with environmental protection and ecology. We teach about business, banking, economy, commerce and industry issues.

    • We teach you about Polish mentality, traditions, culture, sports, education, art, literature, film, etc.
    • Each lesson covers the grammatical material which is relevant for a given topic under discussion.
    • We prepare our students for public appearances and formal meetings.
    • We teach you how to write correspondence in Polish and how to reply to letters.
    • We practice translation from and to Polish.
    • We introduce you to negotiations in Polish.
    • We focus on all skills: speaking, understanding, reading, writing.
    • We pay a lot of attention to communicative skills, such as expressing your own opinions, presenting arguments supporting your views, expressing approval or disapproval, persuasion, comparison of various issues, monitoring the course of conversation.

We are ready to develop a curriculum for a specific student, according to his/her expectations, needs and requirements.
The first lesson is free!